The Wicklander-Zulawski and Associates, Inc. CFI Prep Online Program

The computer-based review program covers all the sections and tasks identified as being necessary to be a CFI by the national survey.  The sections provide the candidate the information necessary to successfully complete the tasks listed under each of the separate sections in the content outline. There is an online self test at the conclusion of each module, so the candidate can assess his understanding of the material.


 CFI Preparation Seminar

The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) created the Certified Forensic Interview (CFI) program to raise the level of professionalism of every individual and organization involved in the interviewing field. The Certified Forensic Interviewer examination was developed by more than 40 leading professionals, including interview experts, law enforcement, and corporate representatives. Each member of the development team used their expertise to make sure the CFI examination addressed the core skill sets identified during extensive surveying of public and private sector interviewers and interrogators.
The 15 skill sets identified during the extensive surveying of interview and interrogation professionals led to the development of this challenging examination. The CFI examination requires an understanding and competence in applying knowledge of interview and interrogation strategies and techniques. Developed in conjunction with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc., the examination stands as a testament to the knowledge and commitment of the professional interviewer and interrogator.
Studying for the CFI exam will hone your skills and expand your knowledge. Taking part in the Wicklander-Zulawski CFI Preparation Seminar and using WZ’s CFI Online Preparation Course (required to attend the seminar) will prepare you to pass the exam and jump-start your career.

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Test your knowledge and skills in a virtual interview environment.  Obtain effective, relevant feedback and coaching assistance as a refresher to reinforce the methods and techniques obtained from a WZ Interview & Interrogation Seminar.