IAI Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history behind IAI?
•The International Association of Interviewers was created in 2012 to fill a unique niche for the interview and interrogation community which, until now, lacked a professional organization to support and represent its distinct needs. The creators of the CFI designation recognized the need for ongoing education and collaboration among individuals whose job responsibilities include interviewing, interrogation and investigations.

Why was IAI created?
•International Association of Interviewers (IAI) was created to leverage the body of knowledge of the Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) program with a broader group of individuals that share an interest in interviewing in both the Private and Public Sectors. IAI was created to become a knowledge and skills development resource for its members in law enforcement, loss prevention, risk management, audit, government agencies, insurance companies, banking, military, students and human resources.

What are the benefits of joining IAI?
• Interview mapping • Elite Training Days • Discounts on webinars, conferences, seminars, books, self-studies, and more • Complimentary subscription to the CFInsider Journal • Collaborative idea exchanges through members-only blogs, social networking, forums and mentoring programs • Educational opportunities • IAI committee involvement • Articles and news updates • Interviewing Tips • Legal Updates

Are there any requirements to join IAI?
•You must be in a field in which you perform interviews, investigations, or interrogations. These fields can range from law enforcement, loss prevention, risk management, audit, government agencies, insurance companies, banking, military, students and human resources.

Are there yearly dues?
•There are annual renewal fees that are due on the anniversary of the start date of your IAI membership. You will receive a renewal reminder prior to your anniversary date. All renewals are due on your one year anniversary Any renewals received after the renewal date could incur penalties. All renewals must be submitted with proper payment and sufficient renewal forms. If an incomplete renewal notice is submitted the individual is notified via e-mail or telephone. Incomplete renewals will not be processed. Renewal fees:

IAI Member – $75 annually
Lifetime IAI Member – $500 (one time fee)
Associate Member – $40 annually (student and military)

 Are there any committees that I can join?
•There are a number of different committees that a member can become involved with including:
Continuing Education Committee
CFInsider Committee
Rationalization Committee
Scholarship Committee

Does renewing my IAI membership renew my CFI certification?
•No. IAI annual membership and CFI certification are two separate entities. IAI membership is due on an annual basis to continue receiving IAI member benefits, whereas CFI re-certification is due every three years. CFI recertification is to maintain your CFI designation as an elite interviewer.

What if my IAI membership expires? Can I reinstate?
•If your IAI membership has expired, please contact Emily Kuhn to reinstate your membership or call 800-222-7789 x106.

What is the Test Anxiety Self-Appraisal?
As a member benefit, you can have access to a self-appraisal strategy to gain some insight into whether exam stress and anxiety are concerns that can interfere with your performance on the CFI exam. This type of feedback is provided in the personalized competency profile report offered after completing the TMI assessment