North East Chapter

Executive Board

Matthew Christman - Chair 
Elisha Toye - Vice Chair
Steve Palumbo - Vice Chair
Lisa Caccomo - Secretary
Abe Gonzalez - Membership / Education
Tom Meehan - Marketing / Event Planning
Robert Ruiz - Executive Team Member
Nate Prusi -  Executive Team Member

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Upcoming Meetings


Previous Meetings

March 15, 2023 1-4pm EST
Urban Outfitters
Click here to download the slide deck from this meeting

December 3, 2021 1pm-3pm EST
Virtual Meeting
Abraham Gonzales, CFI, LPC: General Loss Interviews
Wayne Hoover, CFI: Rationalizations during interview / interrogations

March 19, 2021 1pm-3pm EST
Virtual Meeting 
Frank Benecz-"Decoding Verbal Deception"
Emily Kuhn- IAI Website Overview
Dave Thompson, CFI- "What's the Goal?"

February 19, 2021 1pm-3pm EST
Virtual Meeting 
Topics: Interviews over video conferencing and Top 5 Mistakes Interviewers Make by Joe Wolf, CFI

June 2, 2020 1pm-4pm EDT
Virtual Meeting
Jeff Teator, of URBN, and Mike Narcisco, of Verizon, “Prepping The Witness: Pre and Post Telephone Interview”
Wayne Hoover, CFI from W-Z presenting “Interviewing In A COVID World”

January 28, 2020 1pm-4pm EST
Wayne Hoover, CFI ~ Gary Novello, CFI ~ Elisha Toye, CFI "How to Interview a Trained Interviewer and Maximizing Your Interview Skills"