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Case Study Webinar
Friday, November 19, 2021, 3:00 AM - 4:00 PM CST
Category: Webinars

Corporate Embezzlement

All investigations present their own series of unique challenges and surprises, so let’s learn the lessons from those who have already blazed the trails. Join us for IAI’s brand new Case Study Webinar Series, where we will host interactive presentations dedicated to highlighting the complexities of navigating investigations in all interviewing verticals—from ORC to Corporate Fraud,
to Banking to Supply Chain and beyond. These will be IAI members only events. Not yet a member? Start your experience today at www.certifiedinterviewer.com.
At a Glance:
Each Installment in the series is 1 hour
Walk through the case facts of the investigation
Learn about the background of the offender
Discuss the challenges encountered during the interview
How Successful Interviewing Strategies Resulted in a FederalProsecution & Sentencing in a Corporate Embezzlement Case in theMidst of the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

A 2-year embezzlement scheme perpetrated by an employee of a mulit-billion dollar corporation was discovered just before the COVID-19 pandemic got into full swing. Successful interviewing strategies utilized by investigators in this case led to a federal prosecution and sentencing in less than 11 months - a lightning-fast speed in any normal year, but particularly so as many operations by U.S. Attorney Offices and district attorney offices nationwide were halted during the pandemic. This presentation will offer interviewing strategies to help you
gain rapport and obtain a confession from a criminal suspect to aid in making a rock-solid case for future prosecution.