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Fifth Theory, LLC

FifthTheory’s assessment solutions can measure job-related attitudes and behaviors to improve customer service, productivity and sales, and to help reduce employee-related risks including counterproductivity, accidents, cyber threats and collusion risks. Businesses use our proven talent assessments, science and technology to build low-risk and high-performing workforces.  FifthTheory has new solutions to address some of the workplace challenges that have been created by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Please see our Post COVID-19 Workplace Solutions page for more information.

InstaKey® Security Systems is the recognized industry leader in developing and simplifying key control management programs. It is their mission to protect their customer’s assets while providing the highest level of partnership and satisfaction on improving location security, personnel safety, and cost reduction. They work diligently to share and train their key control best practices whenever possible and strive to display the utmost integrity by providing direct and honest resolutions for their Clients, no matter fault or expense.

Their specialized programs are designed to provide the most efficient and cost effective means possible for managing and administering mechanical locks and keys, regardless of the size or complexity of the Client’s keyed environment. By incorporating proven key control cornerstones, they have developed specific marketplace best practices to create program stability, consistency, and cost savings for all of their Clients.

Key Control…it’s what InstaKey® does!

InstaKey 30th Year Anniversary Press Release

Learn It Solutions

Learn It Solutions’ team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our expertise is in learning design, multimedia production, and learning technologies. We incorporate these strengths into a process and product that is designed to produce an exceptional learning experience that elevate confidence, performance, and profits.

Loss Prevention Foundation

The Loss Prevention Foundation, founded in 2006, is the only 501 (c) 6 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the retail loss prevention and asset protection industry. The LPFs mission is to advance the loss prevention profession by providing relevant, convenient, and challenging educational resources. This is accomplished through the administration of the industry’s only internationally sanctioned certifications: LPQualified (LPQ) and LPCertified (LPC). IAI is excited be partnering with with LPF and offering those who have their LPC /LPQ a 20% discount on the CFI Online Prep Course. Please click here to purchase the CFI Online Prep Course. 

 Protos Security

Protos Security, a leading security guard services management company is bringing business intelligence to the security guard industry. The Protos Client Web Portal brings transparency and real-time technology to our clients who can finally gain clear oversight into their security guard program. Protos Security is focused on making our clients jobs easier and reducing costs. Protos Security has technology that is not offered by any other security guard company in the industry.


We created ThinkLP because professionals wanted awesome software. Software that changes as fast as they do, that is ahead of the innovation curve. Software that works for them, instead of them working for the software. ThinkLP exists because we love our clients as much as they love us. We partner with innovative leaders. Companies who want to push the envelope and think outside the box. Our speed of innovation has disrupted the industry, our vision and strategy has been rapidly embraced and shared by major companies worldwide, and we’re only just getting started. We hope you’ll join us. You’re going to love it.

Wicklander Zulawski

WZ currently conducts over 360 seminars a year.  Since 1982, WZ has conducted thousands of seminars and educated hundreds of thousands of professional investigators.  WZ has developed customized basic and advanced seminars for law enforcement agencies, federal agencies, military units, human resource professionals and private sector investigators.  The principles and techniques taught by WZ are accepted world wide.  WZ opened an office in The United Kingdom in 2009 and has conducted seminars across Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America, Africa and Asia.