Top 10 Reasons to Choose Rocateq’s Cart Containment System

The Problem
Shopping carts are frequently used by shoplifters to steal massive amounts of merchandise in a single store visit. They fill up the cart with high-valued merchandise, then simply walk right out the front doors. According to one statistic, the average loss retailers incur for each shoplifting push-out is $429. But that’s not the only source of loss related to shopping carts. Retailers waste millions of dollars each year replacing stolen shopping carts.

There is nothing more frustrating to customers when they arrive to a store with a shopping list, only to find there are no available shopping carts. This is a big problem considering that shoppers using a shopping cart purchase 18% more products. The issue with shopping cart theft is that it isn’t immediately apparent when one goes missing. If one shopping cart per month is stolen, it would take months before anyone notices and unfortunately, it is typically the retailer’s customer who notices first.

The Solution
Rocateq is the leading provider of shopping cart containment solutions. Here are the Top 10 reasons your company needs Rocateq :

  1. Rocateq ensures your customers have great shopping experiences when using your carts. Their patented no-hard-lock feature reduces customer complaints, while also reducing the potential for injury and resulting liability. Rocateq’s “true braking” system is similar to that of a car. This very aggressive braking system has a rotary damper in the caster that acts as a brake for the wheel which eliminates the wear and tear on the caster and prevents “flat spots” on the wheel. This feature means maintenance is about 10-20% of competitors’ maintenance.
  1. Rocateq’s patented one-cable system allows automatic locking and unlocking of your shopping cart caster. Your shopping cart casters actually unlock themselves once they are crossed back over the line. This eliminates the need for employee intervention. This labor savings can then be reallocated back to store operations and customer service.
  1. Rocateq’s system is a one-transmitter system. This one-transmitter system is designed to send a powerful and consistent radio signal to the embedded cable and will reset itself automatically after any power interruption. Wireless modems remotely monitor the operation of the Rocateq system and immediately alert Rocateq’s customer service in the event of a malfunction.
  1. Rocateq manufactures their own casters, ensuring the highest quality of materials used. This not only reduces service and repair expenses, but extends the life of the casters. Self-manufacturing also allows Rocateq to offer comprehensive 1yr and 5yr warranties that far exceeds those offered by competitors.
  1. Rocateq’s never-wear rolling friction system guarantees long life.
  1. The Rocateq system is designed for durability. Everything inside the caster with the exception of the battery and the electro-box, including the rotary damper, is metal. There are no plastic parts to come in contact with the axle, ensuring low wear and tear effects on the cart. If one part should break down, that single part can be replaced without replacing the whole caster. This reduces maintenance costs.
  1. Rocateq’s installers are always Rocateq employees. Subcontractors are never used.
  1. The Rocateq system utilizes a 3-volt lithium battery rather than short-life alkaline batteries. A unique SLEEP mode or DEAD mode feature further prolongs battery life, saving valuable time and replacement resources.
  1. The Rocateq caster is certified and field-tested for extreme temperatures of -4 F degrees to +140 F degrees. It is certified IP65 for dust and water resistance and has been certified collectively by CE, FCC, ISO, BRA, and Nemko. Rocateq’s powerful and consistent radio signal allows the cable to be buried deeper than other competitors, minimizing the cable being cut by snow plows.
  1. Unlike our competitors, the look and design of our caster is also a deterrent due to its RED color, and the casing where the components are housed is squared shaped. It immediately stands out as being different, and the assumption is often that it may have a tracking device or homing device inside the RED casing. Thieves think twice before trying to steal your cart. And if the RED color doesn’t fit your brand, we will customize the wheel color for you!

The differentiators described above clearly demonstrate that Rocateq has consistently invested in the development of a cart containment system that addresses all of your concerns. They understand your challenges with shrink and expense control, and their system was designed with these facts in mind. When objectively comparing cart containment systems, Rocateq will always come out as the clear choice not only for the quality of the products, but for the lower maintenance costs. When looking for ways to reduce shrink and expenses, and increase your ROI consider partnering with Rocateq.

About Rocateq
Rocateq is a leading international cart containment, and business intelligence solution provider.  Rocateq is committed to providing retailer’s quality, valuable and actionable technology, and software that contributes to smarter shrink control solutions and profit enhancement.  As any retailer knows, smarter shrink control equals profit growth.

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