Rationalization Matrix

The International Association of Interviewers has developed rationalizations to match the thought process of almost any suspect. The right rationalization will help you get a confession.

Steps of using a rationalization:

  1. State the Rationalization so they understand what they are about to hear
  2. Create a story for the Rationalization which lets them understand the stresses or influences in our everyday lives that lead us to make the decisions that we make
  3. State the moral of the story -really this is the conclusion of the story, why are we telling the rationalization
  4. Link it back to the Investigation so that it makes sense in the context of the interview

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Full Rationalization Matrix

Below you will find our full rationalization matrix customized for each unique situation. With your membership, you will be able to log in and access any of these rationalizations at any time to help you grow your skillset.

Accident Work Hard.Play Harder No Company Controls Credit Cards School

Lack of Benefits Threatened Opportunity Weak LP Department Loss of Job

Financial Blame LP Lifestyle Image Salary

Affair Thrill Love Injuries Perceived Need.Social Status

Revenge Too Easy Alcohol Hunger Impulse

Job Dissatisfaction Kids Entitled Anger Death in the Family

Social Causes Spouse Someone Else Got Away With It Seeking Attention Goal Oriented

Retirement Addicted to Stealing Sabotage Sex Travel

Personal Emergency Mental Build a Better Life Good People Perceived Glory

Taxes Lust Personal Freedom Peer Pressure Guilt Transfer

Relocation Medicine Get Out of Debt Demotion Sports

Company Owes Them Passed Over for the Job Media Smarter Than You Someone Else’s Idea

Play to Their Ego Fetish Death in Family Temptation Too Easy Guilt

Gang Initiation Greed Divorce Big Taste on Beer Budget Gambling

Expectations Chemical Dependency Competition Curiosity Envy

Family Change in Standard of Living Parents Personal Emergency Accomplice

Death Complacency Family Visit Stress Company Owes Me at the Holidays Peer Pressure at the Holidays

Taking Things to Impress Someone Else Financial Pressure During the Holidays No Christmas Bonus Ugly.Costly Divorce