IAI HR/ER Members

It’s time to be prepared.  Investigations today go beyond just theft.  Investigators need to be prepared to help prevent, as well as investigate the seriousness and sensitivity of #MeToo incidents and other critical issues (or cases) within your organization.  No matter what role you’re in:  loss prevention, human resources, risk management or fraud, you must be ready.  IAI is your resource to fully prepare and equip you with the necessary tools to meet the challenges associated with sensitive investigations.

Actionable video tips to help you

“Why Victims Don’t Report” by Dave Thompson, CFI
“The Legality of Interviewing – Are you informed?” by Dave Thompson, CFI
“The HR Investigation and Collaboration” by Dave Thompson, CFI
“Complaints” by Wayne Hoover, CFI and Dave Thompson, CFI

Specific Rationalizations
*See rationalization matrix

Expert Educational Blogs
“Any Questions?  Preparing for a Sexual Harassment Investigation” by Brett L. Ward, CFI
“He said. She said. Now What?” by Dave Thompson, CFI

Discount on the WZ Workplace Investigative Interviewing Strategies for HR/ER Professionals seminar

On-demand expert webinars
“Prepare Like a Pro:  Investigatory Prep for the HR Professional” by Brett L. Ward, CFI
“He said. She said. Now what? A Guide to Workplace Investigations” by Dave Thompson, CFI
“Interviewing the Victim” by Dave Thompson, CFI
“Interviewing the Suspect” by Tammy Clark, CFE, CFI

Online training
Ten Hour Investigative Interviewing for Human Resources/ER Online Course
Specifically developed for HR/ER professionals, this 10 hour course teaches the proven interviewing techniques developed over the last 30 years by Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ).  Individuals who should consider this course are those new to interviewing and interrogation, those tasked with HR/ER related cases and as a refresher course.