CFI of the Year Award


  1. Submit your nomination by March 6, 2020
  2. IAI Advisory Board will choose 3 nominees
  3. 3 nominees will be given 2 free registrations, for you and a co-worker, to attend the Elite Training Days April 1-2, 2020 in Nashville, TN.
  4. The winner will be announced at the Elite Training Days


  • Strives for excellence and professionalism in the performance of his or her duties
  • Exhibits the highest level of professionalism while interviewing sources, victims, witnesses, and suspects
  • Follows the CFI Values
  • Must be a CFI

CFI of the Year will win:

  1. Picture and Bio on the front page of the Website
  2. Picture and interview in the June issue of the CFInsider
  3. Social Media announcement
  4. Free registration for you and a co-worker for the Elite Training Days 2020 on April 1-2, 2020 in Nashville, TN.