Recertification Toolkit

Each CFI needs 24 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every three years to re-certify. You may pay the renewal fee online. Once logged in, go to Account Management, and then click Manage Membership. Use the renew CFI button to complete the transaction. In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we are no longer mailing out new certificates. You can find the updated one under the About Myself tab in your profile that you can print. 

Check out the WZ Campus and WZ’s 10 Hour Investigative Interviewing Courses for online courses where you can earn CEUs towards your recertification.  The Institute of Internal Auditors has some great training opportunities as well as Humintell.

CFI Re-certification Form  
Please be aware that mailed in forms may take longer to process. 

1. Published Articles of Text
1.1 Each interview or interrogation article published in a recognized Police, Loss Prevention, or Security related magazine
1.2 Each textbook on interview and/or interrogation published
1.3 Other contributions to articles, texts, or web based reporting
2. Courses, Conferences and Internal Training
2.1 Attendance at NRF, ASLET, RILA, RLPSA, IACP, ASIS, JSA or other conferences deemed appropriate by the Advisory Committee of IAI
6 per conference
2.2 Attendance at the International Association of Interviewers Elite Training Days
2.3 Seminars or webinars on Interview or Interrogation
1 per hour
2.4 Post certification college credit in the field of investigations, interviewing and interrogation
2.5 Government courses related to interview and interrogation
1 per hour
2.6 Company training where investigation, interview, or interrogation was discussed.
1 per hour
2.7 WZ Academy Courses
Listed on Course
2.8 THE LINK Powered by WZ
2.9 Retaking the CFI Online Prep Course
2.10 Certification Prep Courses (i.e. CFE, LPC)
3. Presentations, Speeches and Other Opportunities
3.1 An instructor on the topic of interview and/or interrogation at a conference, company meeting or another IAI approved organization
2 per hour
3.2 Instruction on interview and/or interrogation at an accredited college or university
2 per hour
3.3 Retake the CFI® Examination and successfully pass
3.4 Active member of an IAI Committee
4 per year
4. Advisory Committee Membership of IAI
4.1 Any active IAI Advisory Committee member
8 per year
5. Other Accomplishments
If an individual believes he has accomplished something relevant that is not specified in these guidelines, please contact IAI. These instances will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Advisory Committee.
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