Four Steps to your CFI

While obtaining your CFI requires extensive knowledge and experience, the process can be broken into 4 basic steps:

Step 1: Study!
Step 2. Apply online for the exam
Step 3. Receive an email of confirmation and then schedule your exam
Step 4. Receive your CFI Certificate online shorltly after the exam. The CFI Coin and letter will be sent with one month.

Step 1. Study!

Candidates sitting for the CFI examination may prepare for the test in several ways:

A. The candidate may elect to sit for the examination using his/her personal experience and knowledge as the basis for preparation.
B. The candidate may choose to use the Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc. Certified Forensic Interviewer Review Program.

The CFI Prep course is active for 6 months. Course re-activation is $200.  To re-activate contact Emily Kuhn at 800-222-7789 Ext. 106

C. The candidate may elect to attend a CFI Preparatory Seminar and CFI online prep course designed to assist individuals in preparing for the examination.

D. The candidate may prepare by reading and studying the textbooks used to prepare the examination. You can purchase books on the exam study options page.

For more information, go to exam study options.

Step 2. Online Application for Exam

Read through all the information in the handbook. Then fill out the online application. If you are using college experience to help fulfill your eligibility requirements, an official copy of your transcripts must be uploaded with the application.

NOTE: It takes approximately 1-2 business days for applications to be processed. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with directions on how to schedule your exam and the technology requirements. After the application is approved, candidates have only 3 months to schedule the exam.

Step 3. Schedule Your Exam

A. Online Scheduling: You may complete the scheduling process in one online session by visiting the IAI Scheduling Site.

Click here for directions on how to schedule an exam. 

After sitting for the CFI examination you will be given immediate results as to whether or not you passed. If you pass, you will receive a CFI certificate, membership number and CFI Challenge Coin, as well as directions on meeting the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) requirement for recertification via mail. Please allow one month to receive the hard copy of the letter, and coin. The certificate can be printed from the testing site.
If you do not pass, you will receive directions on how to apply to retake the exam.

Step 4. Receive your CFI Coin, Letter, and Certificate

You will receive the certificate immediately after you sit for and pass the exam. The CFI Coin and letter will be mailed to you within one month. You will start to receive the CFInsider Journal, and have access to the website and receive other important resources.