Exam Study Options

Candidates sitting for the CFI examination may prepare for the test in several ways:

A. The candidate may elect to sit for the examination using his/her personal experience and knowledge as the basis for preparation. IAI strongly recommends the candidate reviews reference materials and not simply rely on personal experience and knowledge.

B. The candidate may choose to use the Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc. Certified Forensic Interviewer Online Preparatory Course. This computer-based review program covers all the sections and tasks identified as being necessary to become a CFI by a national survey of experts. There is an online self-test at the conclusion of each module, so the candidate can assess their understanding of the material. It is recommended that you score 90% on each module test and the final review to pass the CFI Exam. The amount of time it takes to study for the exam is 20-40 hours.

Purchase the CFI Prep Course Now

Once you receive the authorization code for the CFI Prep Course, go to http://wz.pathwayvle.com to begin the CFI Online Prep Course.

The CFI Prep course is active for 6 months. Course re-activation is $200.  To re-activate contact Madison Wrobel at 800-222-7789 Ext. 126.

C. The candidate may elect to attend a CFI Preparatory Seminar designed to assist individuals in preparing for the examination. Those who have purchased a CFI Review Program are welcome to sign up for our CFI Preparation Seminars. These seminars take place about four times per year in different locations throughout the country. The online CFI Review Program should be completed prior to attending the CFI Prep Seminar.

D. The candidate may prepare by reading and studying the textbooks used to prepare the examination. The following books are available for purchase:

Practical Aspects of Interview and Interrogation

Second Edition
Authors: David E. Zulawski, CFI and Douglas E. Wicklander, CFI


Tactics for Criminal Patrol

Author: Charles Remsberg
Publisher: Calibre Press 2001


Memory-Enhancing Techniques for Investigative Interviewing

Authors: Ronald Fisher and Edward Geiselman
Publisher: Charles Thomas Publisher 1992


Criminal Interrogation

Third Edition
Authors: Arthur Aubry, Jr. and Rudulph Caputo
Publisher: Charles Thomas Publisher 1992


Investigative Discourse Analysis

Author: Don Rabon
Publisher: Durham Carolina Academic Press, 1994


Criminal Interrogation and Confessions

Fourth Edition
Authors: Fred E. Inbau, John E. Reid, Joseph P. Buckley III and Brian C. Jayne


Telling Lies

Author: Paul Ekman