Associate CFI (ACFI)

The Associate Certified Forensic Interviewer (ACFI) designation is intended for individuals who do not meet the experience requirements for becoming a CFI.  The ACFI gives individuals the recognition they deserve for their studies and possible intended career path, as well as shows others the seriousness of their commitment to the professional skillset of a CFI.

High school graduates who plan to pursue and study forensic interviewing and interrogation techniques leading to possible careers such as:  loss prevention, fraud examination, forensic accounting, law enforcement, auditing, regulatory compliance, corporate security.

Steps to Earning your ACFI
1. If you are not a student, complete the ACFI application and show:
a. International Association of Interviewers (IAI) membership (Associate IAI Membership for students only)
b. Purchase of the CFI Online Prep Program for $495.00

2. Successfully complete the entire CFI Online Prep Course within 6 months of purchase ($200.00 to reactivate it).  The final review test requires a score of at least 90%.

3. A letter and certificate will be sent.  The ACFI designation is recognized by IAI and approved for use in CV/resumes.

Maintaining your ACFI
The ACFI expires in 5 years, is a one-time designation, and only requires annual IAI membership dues to be current.  Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are not required, but are recommended.

Becoming a CFI
When the ACFI has obtained the necessary interviewing and interrogation experience, see Four Steps to your CFI, he/she may apply for the CFI examination.  ACFIs may request to reactivate their CFI Online Prep Course for study purposes, or may pursue other training options offered by IAI.