CHICAGO, February 9, 2015 – The International Association of Interviewers (IAI) just released 10 new rationalizations that every interviewer should know. Members of IAI have access to more than 90 rationalizations via the “Rationalization Matrix” on its website,

With the help of IAI’s Rationalization Committee, IAI has created 10 new rationalizations focused on common themes every interviewer should know. They include:
• Addicted to Stealing
• Stroke ego, they are good people
• Salary
• Competition
• Guilt
• Blame Loss Prevention
• Death in Family
• Expectations
• Anger
• Complacency
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“Rationalizations are a key component of the interviewing process,” said Wayne Hoover, CFI, executive director of IAI. “Our goal is to provide valuable tools for interviewers across all disciplines at their fingertips. We are simply responding to our members’ requests for more rationalizations to help them achieve more complete resolutions to their cases.”

During an interview rationalizations are used for many different reasons, for example it helps the subject minimize what they have done, save face, makes it easier for them to admit, gives them hope, and it promotes the benefit of cooperation. When using a rationalization there are four parts in the construction: State the rationalization so they understand what they are about to hear, Story the rationalization which lets them understand the stresses or influences in our everyday lives that lead us to make the decisions that we make, give the Moral of the rationalization-really this is the conclusion of the story, why are we telling the rationalization, and Link the rationalization back to the investigation so that it makes sense in the context of the interview.

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