Selling CFI to Your Organization

Over the course of time, you may be asked what is a CFI, and how it benefits your organization. As you know, CFI stands for Certified Forensic Interviewer. As a CFI, I am proud of this designation.

When talking with someone outside the industry, I point out that the certification is similar in some ways to being an accountant who also is a CPA. A CPA is held to rigorous standards, and has worked toward a step of professionalism above that of the accountant.

The CFI designation also has rigorous standards, continuing education requirements, and a code of ethics, and is a step in professionalism for the private/public sector interviewer above the industry standard.

(Pictured are the team of CFIs from the Gap)

The official CFI objectives are as follows:

The objective of this certification program is to create comprehensive, universally accepted professional standards combined with an objective measure of an interviewer’s knowledge of those standards.

- The ultimate goal is that every person and every organization with a stake in interviewing will benefit from the program, as will the reputation and effectiveness of the entire profession.
- The benefit to our organization is that it demonstrates to the public and private realms that we are committed to continuing the education of our employees, that we subscribe to high interviewing standards, and that we share interviewing integrity with other agencies and companies. The benefit to our Organization is that, upon certification, we have an interviewer who has had the opportunity to personally and professionally test him- or herself becoming a more efficient employee. They not only improve themselves, but are then able to mentor other interviewers and improve the performance of the department.

We are curious what other CFIs have used when describing the CFI to others. Please share with us how you let your organization, or others, know why the CFI is a benefit.

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